Breaking up is easy as 1, 2, 3

Breaking up with Winter is easy, let us make it even easier. Come into the boutique and see what we can do for you:

Buy 1 T&W piece – get 10% off
Buy 2 T&W pieces – get 20% off
Buy 3 T&W pieces – get 30% off

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March 4th – The Saucy Milliner Trunk Show

Twiss & Weber is proud to invite you to a trunk show featuring, a maker of fine headwear, The Saucy Milliner. This is a unique opportunity to view and to buy from a curated selection of splendid and skillfully made hats exclusively at Twiss & Weber on March 4th only.

Trunk Show featuring The Saucy Milliner

Accomplished milliner, Kelly Dunlap, trained under several master milliners, both in North America and the UK. Dunlap takes great pleasure in creating iconic, well-crafted pieces for lovers of fine quality hats. Dunlap has a passion for classic films, found treasures and vintage curios which gives each creation a one-of-a-kind twist.

Using only the finest materials, antique hat blocks and old-world techniques Dunlap creates beautiful and unique pieces of art. Each hat is an heirloom-quality creation, decorated with treasures sourced from around the world. Have a look around, on March 4th, and discover how a Saucy Milliner hat can add a timeless twist to your personal style.

Needless to say, if you can’t make it on the 4th visit The Saucy Milliner hat shop located in Toronto’s historic Distillery District.

In conclusion, mark March 4th on your calendar and get to Twiss & Weber to see how The Saucy Milliner hats work with the Twiss & Weber line.


Alison Fowler’s Wall of H’Arts 2017

Since the beginning of Twiss & Weber at 1282 Wellington West, Alison Fowler showed her Wall of H’Arts. This is the fourth year and Twiss & Weber is proud to invite you to Fowler’s fourth annual Wall of H’Arts!


Ottawa artist Alison Fowler painted 200 H'Arts for your enjoyment

Alison Fowler’s 4th Annual Wall of H’Arts


Alison Fowler, of, is a local artist who has a deep connection with nature and it’s occupants — be it birds, trees, landscapes and the colours they contain. Each February, Fowler paints a number of lovely 4×4″ canvas H’Arts. A delightful and accessible way to connect with art and love, Fowler sells these original pieces to the public for a short period of time.

This year, the Wall is up for four days only, and the H’Arts often sell out, so don’t wait until the 14th! The H’Arts in the photo are from Ms. Fowler’s previous works. Each year Fowler paints new original H’Arts.

Do try to make it into the boutique from the 11th until the 14th to pick up the perfect Valentine for your special Valentine. But do not wait until the 14th as this show has sold out in the past!

Private Wardrobing

February is the perfect time to book Twiss & Weber for a Private Wardrobing session.


Take Command of Your Own Style and book a Private Wardrobing session today!

Have You Ever Said…

Maybe you have said something like, “I want to start putting my quality earned money towards quality made clothes”? We’ve heard that from time to time.

Or, you’ve said, “I can’t find anything to wear!” After you’ve emptied your closet onto your bedroom floor. If it feels any better, we’ve all been there.

Have you heard, “I wear two outfits every other day and I’m so bored with it”?

Or, “I don’t have the right basic dress to take me from work to cocktail”

These Challenges Can Discourage Anyone

Twiss & Weber can help you achieve a quality wardrobe within your investment goals. Investment in time, money, and emotion. We are here to help you.

Laura Twiss & Tonia Weber offer a Wardrobing service where they personally take the time to review with you your clothes and accessories:

  • With you, we establish the need for you to clear your wardrobe
  • You will learn to revamp your existing clothes
  • Brush up on how to purchase smartly
  • Set the guidelines down for you to confidently and smartly re-build your closet


First off, the ladies have you do some homework. During a three-hour private workshop Twiss and Weber teach you the skills to save yourself time in the morning and build confidence in your own style.

We bet you have great items you’ve chosen over the seasons, and you’ve chosen these pieces for a reason. Now, that is up to T&W to reintroduce you to these pieces. This is how:

  • Sometimes you are simply missing a key item to bring it all together
  • Sometimes you need to alter an item to make it fit or be more appealing to the eye. T&W will take care of those alterations for you at the going alteration rate
  • T&W will suggest to donate your unused business attire to Dress For Success Ottawa and the other great pieces to St. Vincent de Paul. They will arrange the distribution of unused clothes on your behalf.


As a result of these three consuming hours, you will have a clear picture of how you will wear your clothes each morning. Consequently leaving you more mental time for self-care.

Therefore, you can not afford not to acquire this new knowledge to Take Command of Your Own Style. As a result, conquer your day with grace and ease.


Book Today!

So, start with a Private Wardrobing Workshop, book yours today by dropping into the boutique, emailing us at or giving a call at 613 761-1701


Did you know that when you buy from a small business an actual person does a little happy dance? That person can be the shop owner, the employees, or the makers. Be the reason someone does a happy dance this holiday! Follow our newsletter now until Christmas to see how your support affects our community in a super positive way. Merry Christmas.

designed and made on premises

designed and made on premises


Pitt and 2nd collectible pin

Pitt and 2nd collectible pin


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Vertically Integrated

Vertically Integrated is a company operating multiple steps from creating or building supplies to manufacturing to selling. At Twiss & Weber we design in-house. We draft in the basement. We grade each pattern. We cut the patterns into fabric. We sew the fabrics into garments. We sell our garments in the attached boutique. Our wonderful clientele buy our creations. Often, a designer will farm out certain steps but we, for many reasons, keep the production in-house.

To keep the cost down, the steps of creation and production remain in-house. Not participating in fashion shows keeps the costs down. Avoiding the photographing of the collection 6 months in advance is another way to keep the costs down. In fact, many times we have been told by our customers that our prices are very reasonable. For us, that is wonderful, and a complement… and then we review our formula… each time we review our formula we remind ourselves that we are doing that part right!


Vertically Integrated

The dress Tonia is wearing, in the above photograph, is new for Fall 2016. This is the classic PBD, aka Paper Bag Dress, but made in a wonderful ultra suede in a glorious teal!

The fabric is limited. But there is always something beautiful in the boutique. The necklace shown is by Ottawa designer Birch Jewellery.


Summer Blow Out SALE


BUY any ONE T&W item and
GET 20% OFF your other pieces of equal or less value

Summer Sale


The more deals you get
the more Fall 2016 merchandise
we’ll produce for you!

Stylishly Mobile

We’re tremendously excited to have been asked to have our Bee dress featured and then to have an interview with the stylish cycling Dandyhorse magazine.

Dandyhorse magazine features Twiss & Weber

Featuring the Twiss & Weber PBD in Bee fabric and interview in Dandyhorse June issue

Read the behind the scenes blog post here, featuring photographer Mike Ford.

Read our interview by Chelsea LaVecchia here.



Stepping Out – June 16th

Stepping Out is the yearly gala held by Dress For Success Ottawa Gatineau. This year’s theme is Carnival and it promises to be a fun time! There will be a photo booth, liven entertainment, games, gourmet concessions and more! All funds raised at the event go towards empowering women in our community to enter and re-enter the workforce. Buy your tickets here.

The video below is Executive Director Katherine Clarke-Nolan and a few of her volunteers and clients talking on CTV News about the benefits of DFSOG:


See you at the VIP table.



An Ottawa Makeover Project Wrap!

Congratulations to all involved in this year’s Ottawa Makeover Project.

Here is Cathy Whitney’s final video, composed after the reveal on live CTVMorning television.
Cathy’s make up and hair is by Rinaldo. Her customized dress and shawl is by Twiss & Weber. The insides are provided by all the other amazing businesses:

  • Teeth and smile by Dr. Andrea Stevens
  • Organized mind by Pierette Raymond
  • Body by Executive Fitness Leaders and Live Well Chiropractics
  • Legal assistance by Russ Molot
  • Wheels by Myers
  • Marketing and promotional support by TrueDot
  • Healthy food by Eating Well and Supper Works

Applicants for the 2016-2017 are open! Simply go to the Ottawa Makeover Project website and apply today.

Please note Andrea’s dress, also by Twiss & Weber.